HarvestRL was made for the 2015 7-Day Rogue-Like Challenge. 

You are tasked with saving a village from some evil spirit. Some villagers are possessed and the rest are too scared to work. You need to gather and grow crops to keep them (and yourself) well fed and healthy. Villagers who lack food will get sick and die, and you will lose when no unpossessed villagers remain alive. There are sacred fruits hidden somewhere in the valley that should cure them. Once you've cured the villagers, you need to find and defeat the source of the evil.

Download the Game:
Latest (v.1.02) - Windows

Original 7DRL Version (v1.00) - Windows

Some more minor fixes and visual features.

Bug Fixes:
- Game no longer crashes when you die in particular circumstances
- A quest item that I thought spawned but didn't now actually does
- Loading times is now a few seconds instead of a few minutes

Gameplay Changes:
- Coloring of quest items is different to make them stand out better in the caves
- Shadow beasts use a different letter to make them stand out from the snakes
- A new introduction is provided that gives better hints about where to find tools and seeds

A variety of bug fixes and gameplay changes to make the game more difficult. I'm not sure if it's more fun, but it's certainly harder to win now (assuming you had a game that wasn't broken).

Bug Fixes:
- Multiple items on the same tile can now be obtained
- Necessary quest items no longer spawn in inaccessible locations
- Stairs leading out of the caves are guaranteed to spawn
- Coyotes can no longer burst open doors and kill you in your sleep (though this was fun)
- Deer and Rabbits will properly, but naively, try to avoid you now
- Removed the unused stamina bar from the display
- Prevented enemies from spawning indoors
- Different font sizes work again
- Several other minor fixes

Gameplay Changes:
- Made healing herbs rarer
- Lowered the rate of vegetable and fruit spawning and gathering, making them harder to acquire
- Default weapon now spawns in a random villager's house
- Corruption and possession rate increased dramatically
- Can now unequip tools to actually fight with your hands

This is the original version that I made for the challenge, bugs and all.