Friday, 13 March 2015

7DRL Challenge 2015 - Day 5

This is now the start of Day 5. Despite the long list of things I would like to add to the game, most of it is still coming along smoothly. Yesterday was spent fixing the inventory system (since my previous framework had everything needed for one, but it was broken) and getting farming to work. Basic combat is in the game, but I want to make a few adjustments to it before I'll consider that ready. The AI shouldn't just wander all over the place no matter the circumstance.

Currently, you are able to do the following:
- explore a random overworld with a village
- head to rather empty but random dungeons
- run into villagers' houses and close the door behind you
- till soft soil with a plow
- plant seeds in tilled soil
- water planted seeds and other plants to keep them wet
- attack random rabbits and wolves wandering in the world

The game has a day-night cycle and changing seasons, but they don't look different yet.

Currently, farming works as follows. Using a seed (like a potion or something) scatters seeds all around the player. Only certain tiles are affected by seeds, and these get a "planted seed" decoration placed on them. You can operate the plants with a watering can to get them wet. The next dawn, if the plant is wet then it will grow. After it grows for a certain number of days, it changes into a plant ready to be harvested. The player then bumps into the plant and harvests it (adding the item to your inventory). This is very data heavy, as anyone looking at the config files will realize, and there could very well be a better way of doing this. However, this was easy to program; I'll improve it after the challenge if I keep working on the game.

This system is also much easier than my previous plan. I thought it'd be good to turn on a "farming" mode, it asks you what tool to equip, then you toggle on and off the use of that tool as you wander around. Instead, you now just equip the tool you want to use and then automatically use it as you walk into or onto various tiles.

For today, I need to add more content. You need to grow more than just one type of plant, the plants need to do something, the village and dungeons shouldn't be empty, and so on. This will be the same for tomorrow, so that Day 7 just involves bug fixing and UI cleaning. I'll post again tonight with some updated screenshots.

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