Monday, 16 March 2015

7DRL Challenge 2015 - Finished

The challenge is over, and my entry is complete. I had some really frustrating compilation problems near the end, making a redistributable version impossible. That was fixed this morning, but it involved a lot more work than expected.

HarvestRL is the finished game. You play as an adventurer/farmer tasked with saving a small village. Some of the villagers are possessed by an evil spirit, and the rest of the villagers are too scared to do anything. You need to find the sacred fruit that will cure the villagers, while in the meantime keeping the village stocked with food. You also need to eat, but you can grow food or find some in the wilds. When you've cured the villagers, you need to find a defeat the source of the evil.

This is meant to be a short game, but I really don't know how well balanced it is. It could be very hard or very easy depending on how you play, but at least you can actually win it. All the instructions are in the game itself, except for the location of your farm (SouthEast) and how to get seeds (eat food).

You can download it here:

Windows 32-Bit

I'll likely do more with this game in the future, or use parts of it in other games, but for now it stands on its own.

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