Saturday, 4 April 2015

HarvestRL New Update

As it turns out, there were still several bugs in the previous version, some of which were quite major. I fixed these, added a better intro screen, and greatly optimized the loading times. This may have introduced a minor loading bug, but that's not too important for me. As of version 1.02, I am considering this game complete. It's not great, but it's finished.

That being said, I am taking this and expanding it into a new game. I'm trying to decide if I want to call it HarvestRL2 or HarvestRL:X (for expanded) or just a totally different name. The goal will be similar, but with a different time scale. Currently you can finish the game in 10 or 15 days (potentially even 3 though most of the village dies in that scenario), and I wanted something longer to bring about more interesting aspects of the farming.

In addition, there are major UI problems. The ASCII stuff is fine, and even the way I've displayed information works, but the control scheme does not. I'm going to experiment with a different library since I'll have to make some major changes anyway, see where that takes me, and go from there. I plan to merge the code from this project with another one that involved random world generation but never saw the light of day.

For now, you can get the latest version of HarvestRL here.


Edwin DeNicholas said...

Hi! Just played this game of yours. It's really fun. Good luck with the remake!

Aqua Tsar said...

Thanks! I expect the remake will take a while, especially since I'm only doing it part time. I'm glad other people enjoy it or find the idea interesting though. :)